This site is to document my journey in pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of North Texas.  Thanks for stopping by!

I started my teaching career in a bilingual kindergarten classroom.  I taught in both a traditional bilingual program and ELLs speaking many different languages in Pre-K, Kinder, and 1st grade for a total of 15 years.  Then, after staying home until my own child went to kindergarten, I found myself back in education as an instructional coach, and then as a librarian at an early childhood center.  Together with my school district, UNT is providing me the training I need to become an officially certified librarian in the state of Texas.

The site can be easily navigated using the tabs along the top:

  • The “Practicum Journal” highlights real-life happenings during the three years I have spent working as a librarian while pursuing my certification.
  • The “Professional Resources” tab is chock full of tips, tricks, resources, and information that I have found useful or interesting during my journey.
  • The “Professional Philosophy” tab has articles, opinions, and resources that support my beliefs of what a library and a librarian should be.
  • Many of the assignments that I completed for my UNT coursework can be found under the five different “AASL Standards” tabs.
  • Readers can utilize the “Contact” tab if they need to reach out to me.
  • A current resumé can be found here, as well as under that tab.

I am almost halfway through with my first year as an official “Librarian” in my district (not a library assistant anymore).  It is a pleasure to go to work everyday, and inspire others to read and fall in love with books.  I am a fierce defender of the philosophy that libraries are for everyone, and that ALL of our patrons should be able to see themselves in books.  Striving to make a wide range of diverse literature available gives all students the mirrors, windows, and doors into the world that they all deserve.