Books reviews×2-current

*Well written and critical reviews, but not a lot of titles are reviewed

*BookList only reviews books they found to be worthy of accepting (negative reviews wouldn’t make the cut), and they are reviewed by professionals in the field.  Reliable reviews!

*Reviews written by librarians (this can be good and bad as some do not have much experience and that can lead to reviews that can’t always be trusted).

*PW doesn’t give many critical reviews.

Crowdsourced reviews:

Awards: Caldecott, Newberry, Coretta Scott King, Belpure, Orbis Pictus, Printz, Stonewall (

Texas book lists: 2×2, Bluebonnet, Lonestar, Tejas

I need and expect a lot from reviews. First, book reviews should be descriptive, objective statements about plot, characters, theme, and illustrations. Second, I expect book reviews to have an evaluative statement including comparison of the title being reviewed to similar titles and literature in general. Third, the potential appeal, curricular use, and possible controversial aspects of the title need to be addressed to fully inform me as a potential selector.

Mardis, Marcia. The Collection Program in Schools: Concepts and Practices, 6th Edition: Concepts and Practices (Library and Information Science Text) (p. 67). ABC-CLIO. Kindle Edition.




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