Summary of Joyce Valenza’s Manifesto for 21st Century Librarians



My summary:


Topic I: Reading

A 21st Century School Librarian creates excitement about reading by creating book talks, book trailers and book reviews and encourages reading through traditional and new platforms that include not only print, but also e-books, social media and online resources.


Topic II: Information Landscape 

A 21st Century School Librarian utilizes the information landscape by teaching and sharing evolving strategies for collecting and evaluating information, and integrating the web into communicating, learning, and sharing work products throughout the school community.


Topic III: Collection Development

A 21st Century School Librarian relies on input from the community to build a collection of diverse platforms and formats that are accessible inside and outside of the library, and transform the library into a truly creative and collaborative space for learning.


Topic IV: Access, Equity, Advocacy

A 21st Century School Librarian fights for students to have access to the materials and tools that they need, and strives meet the diverse needs of students by making access as easy as possible for them.


Topic V: Audience and Collaboration 

A 21st Century School Librarian utilizes technology to bring the world into a school, and realizes that student work has the potential to reach a global audience and make real changes, while teaching students about the responsibility that comes along with that reality.


Topic VI: Copyright, Copyleft and Information Ethics

A 21st Century Librarian teaches responsible and appropriate online behavior, which includes understanding copyright and Fair Use Guidelines.


Topic VII: New Technology Tools 

A 21st Century Librarian does not shy away from students using digital devices, but rather understands they can be a powerful tool so instead establishes guidelines and norms for using personal mobile devices during the school day.


Topic VIII: Professional Development and Professionalism 

A 21st Century Librarian seeks out professional development that is not required and stretches the traditional notions of the job, and models professionalism for all.


Topic IX: Teaching and Learning and Reference

A 21st Century Librarian works to connect students and teachers digitally through playful, authentic, and multimodal learning and stays abreast of new technologies.


Topic X: Into the Future (acknowledging the best of the past)

 A 21st Century Librarian uses what have always been strengths (excitement, engagement, enthusiasm, rigor and high expectations) to continually plan for change that will be coming in the future.

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