We Rocked Our Reading Rockstars Day!

The retired librarian I took over for this year got the MOST AMAZING Reading Rockstars grant through the Texas Book Festival.  As a Title I school, we were eligible to apply for this three year opportunity, and I was lucky enough to come in for Year 2.

For three years in a row, the RRS grant will provide a free author visit, and a free, signed copy of the book s/he/they are promoting for each student to take home and keep.  Last year, author and illustrator Bob Shea visited the school.  Each class chose one of his books and made their own props for that title as part of a school-wide parade to kick off the author visit day.  And of course, they all went home with own brand new, autographed copy of a Bob Shea book after his presentation.

At the end of last year I worked with the outgoing librarian to make the best choice from the list of authors that were available to us for this year’s event.  Together we decided upon Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies / Los zombis no comen verduras.  We thought the kids would really enjoy the story and the illustrations, and it was important to choose an author of color, as well as a title that was published in English and Spanish.

This book is the first for Jorge and Megan Lacera, so we were not able to talk about all of their books and plan the parade accordingly as the school had the first year.  But each class chose to be either zombies, a type of veggie, or a garden of veggies and did NOT disappoint on parade day!  You can see the amazing decorations that were all around the school here, and although I am not posting pictures of the parade to project students’ privacy, the costumes were amazing adorable and perfect!  Even though it was a lot of work to prepare, I enjoyed getting everything organized, planning the parade route,  the playlist that would be heard of the loud speakers, and making space for three different time slots for the author presentations.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to the staff after the event:

Dear Uphaus Staff:
I wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I appreciate all of you for helping to pull off such a fun and truly amazing Reading Rockstars parade and author visit.  I am so proud of how hard both staff and students worked to make the day special!
Your dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm really shone through.  The authors were blown away!  I saw Megan tear up at least five or six times.  They were truly moved by how much love and attention to detail went into the entire day, and said they had never had an event that rivaled their day at Uphaus.  I think they have been forever touched!  And, just as you did last year, you made a wonderful impression on the folks from the Reading Rockstars / Texas Book Festival organization.  We have shown them that they can definitely count on us for a great event in the future.  We certainly want to continue this experience for our little Pandas!
I know a couple classes presented the Laceras with thank you’s on Friday.  If you and/or your class would still like to pass along a thank you, please turn them in to me by next Friday, November 8th.  It can be anything you like (individually made drawings/letters, a large piece of chart paper that the entire class makes together, a class book, etc.) as long as I am able to put it in the mail.
From the bottom of my heart, I am still beaming with pride, and I am grateful for all of you each and every day!
You rock, and I celebrate you!!!!!!


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