Standard 1: Teaching for Learning

First, here is the breakdown for all the Standards:


and . . .


A link to my final UNT Proficiency Checklist, signed off by my mentor can be found here:

Proficiency Checklist




This Annual Inquiry/Research Process Instruction plan was written for School Library Program Management in June of 2019.  It utilizes the Super 3 research method with kindergarten.

Annual Inquiry/Research Process Instruction Plan




We were asked to design a lesson to teach students the Big6 research method.  Everything (along with a quiz) was put into BlendSpace

but if you do not have a BlendSpace account, here are the Powerpoints (with GIFs) and YouTube videos (with narration) as well as the handout I created in June of 2019 for School Library Management.

Big6 Introduction PowerPoint

Big6 Conclusion PowerPoint

Here is the student handout to accompany the lesson:



We were tasked to use school data to come up with a collaborative lesson plan that would address any specific school needs and weaknesses.  This lesson plan entitled Zombie Force and Motion was written for Trends and Practices in School Librarianship in March and April of 2019.

Zombie Force and Motion



In this assignment for Trends and Practices in School Librarianship, we were asked to write find an article about a Learning Theory of our choice.  This article critique was written in March of 2019.

Learning Theory Article Critique



In Trends and Practices in School Librarianship, we broke down sample Certification Exam Questions into discussions.  For this discussion response written in February of 2019, we are to consider the best way to help and eighth grade history teacher keep the students’ focus on the content a specific research project rather than the product.

Keeping the Focus on the Content of the Research Assignment Rather Than the Product



This discussion response was written in February of 2019 for Trends and Practices in School Librarianship.  In a sample Certification Exam question, we were tasked with the best way to go about helping a biology teacher who was concerned about students opting out of a lesson on dissection.

Collaborating on a Dissection Lesson



I created a list Historical Fiction titles to take to a teacher in 5420, Literature for Youth, in December of 2018:!AsOpxvnEgiEIgnL2t_1nHc8HjxAy



We talked about Mystery in 5420, Literature for Youth.  Most people probably think this genre is for older students, but in this discussion question from September, 2018, I wanted to show that we can also utilize it to entice younger learners:!AsOpxvnEgiEIgnjf3P87Zkfhb1i5



Another librarian and I designed a parent workshop entitled The Benefits of Diverse Literature for All Families in July, 2018 for Collection Development and Analysis in School Libraries:






This article critique was written in September, 2017 for Intro to Librarianship:

Seeing the Clouds: Teacher Librarian as a Broker in Collaborative Planning With Teachers