Standard 4: Advocacy and Leadership

There are many professional organizations that provide a wealth of support for librarians.  We were asked to research two as well as provide a plan for continuing professional development after graduate school.  This discussion post was written in July of 2019 for School Library Program Management.

Professional Organizations and Continuing Education



We looked at grant opportunities in School Library Program Development.  We were asked to write about 5 we were interested in applying for in July of 2019.

Grant Opportunities Annotated



This group project was completed for School Library Program Management in July of 2019.  We had to chose a year-long special library program, and design a presentation to convince the principal that it should be funded.  We selected to start a school-wide podcast.

Group Advocacy Project – Podcast



I examined a research article about the motivations behind book challenges in June of 2019 for School Library Program Development.

Anatomy of a Research Article



We were asked to think about library stakeholders, especially ones other than students, teachers, and families.  This response was written in June of 2019 for School Library Management.

Library Stakeholders



In practice for the certification exam, this discussion response on the best way to justify the need for updating an outdated library collection for a growing student population was written in February of 2019 for Trends and Practices in School Librarianship.

Justifying the Need for an Updated Library Collection



This discussion response on whether or not to update archaic or offensive subject headings was written in June of 2018 for Learning Resources Organization.

Updating Headings



This PowerPoint was created in November, 2017 for Intro to Librarianship.  It is an Open House presentation to let staff, students, and parents know what the library has to offer.

Haywood_Advocacy and Leadership